Kyokugon Shrine TOTK Location and Guide

So many shrines, so little time.
So many shrines, so little time. / Nintendo

The shrine puzzles are some of the best parts of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. Exploring Hyrule and fighting monsters is entertaining, but there's no greater feeling than finally solving a puzzle.  

There are 152 shrines, so a few are bound to stump some players. The Kyokugon Shrine, in particular, confuses people. Here's a guide on how to pass the shrine and find the treasure chest.

Kyokugon Shrine TOTK Location and Guide

First, you'll need durable weapons or bomb flowers to reach the shrine. Blue and black rocks are in the cave where the shrine is, and they require brute force to get past them. If you don't want to use strong weapons, you can fuse weak ones with rocks to break walls. I suggest completing the Fire Temple part of the main mission before entering to make this part easier.

To get to Kyokugon Shrine, head to the Great Plateau Foothill Cave. It's northwest of the Great Plateau North Chasm and northeast of the Forest of Spirits. 

Kyokugon Shrine TOTK Location and Guide
This is the exact location of the Great Plateau Foothill Cave entrance. / DBLTAP screenshot

Destroy the thick wall of rocks and then defeat the two Horriblins to continue. After that, you'll see a wall of blue rocks to the right and a wall of black stones in front when you walk deeper into the cave. You can break down the blue rock wall to get to the Bubbulfrog, but the shrine is behind the black rocks. 

When you enter the shrine, you'll see ten ball ports. Four are in the middle of the room, and three are on either side of the room at varying levels. There are only four balls to use. The objective is to figure out which ports will open the gate.

All you need to do is look up. The solution is on the ceiling with glowing green circles highlighting the correct ports. You must place a ball in the ports directly below the bright rings. Afterward, the gate will open, and you can get the Light of Blessing.

Kyokugon Shrine
Glowing circles on the ceiling in Kyokugon Shrine. / DBLTAP screenshot

But what about the treasure chest? Don't worry. I got you covered! You'll see a ball and a chest behind bars once you walk through the gate and turn to the right.

Kyokugon Shrine
Glowing circle on the ceiling for the treasure chest in Kyokugon Shrine. / DBLTAP screenshot

If you turn around and look at the ceiling, you'll see a glowing circle. Use Ultrahand to move the tile that's directly below the circle. You'll find a hidden port underneath. Put the ball inside it and collect the treasure! The chest contains a hearty elixir that gives you a full recovery and four temporary hearts.