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L-Star to Receive Massive Buff in Apex Legends Emergence Update

Photo courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

The L-Star will receive a massive buff in the Emergence update, according to Gamespot. The official patch notes have not been revealed for the Aug. 3 release date. Yet, we do have a bit of information for the new season. Season 10 is bringing back Disruptor Ammo and is introducing a new Legend, Seer.

But the L-Star might finally be useful. The LMG will now use barrel stabilizers and extended energy magazines. And higher-tier energy mags will increase the time it takes for the weapon to overheat and decreases the cooldown time. This will alone make the gun more viable.

L-Star to Receive Massive Buff in Apex Legends Emergence Update

The L-Star wasn't the only weapon change. The Prowler will leave the Care Package while the Spitfire and Alternator will make it's way into the drops.

At the start of Emergence, the Prowler will rotate out of Care Packages and once again become a ground loot weapon. However, the gun will only have burst fire mode; you won't be able to switch it to automatic fire. As mentioned before, Disruptor Rounds are returning in hopes to push back against the overwhelming armor swap meta. Anvil Receiver and Quick Draw are being removed from the game making way for a brand new hop-up called Boosted Loader.

More information about the patch will be revealed as the release date draws closer.