LA Gladiators Win OW Countdown Cup

Photo courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

The LA Gladiators won the OW Countdown Cup as the underdog of the tournament. After the team's dominating win against the Atlanta Reign in a 3-0 sweep, LAG was able to move on in the winners bracket for a rematch against the Chengdu Hunters.

As the LA Gladiators' last match against the Chengdu Hunters was extremely close going 3-2 in the Gladiator's favor, fans did not know what to expect going into the finals. As such, it was no surprise that the final match was battle of endurance, going into overtime and ending 4-3 with the LA Gladiators seizing the victory.

LA Gladiators Win OW Countdown Cup

The Hunters took the first map of the finals in Oasis, followed by three consecutive wins by the Gladiator's on Temple of Anubis, Numbani, and Route 66. The Chengdu Hunters then pulled another two wins on Illios and Kings Row, bringing the score up to a harrowing 3-3.

The LA Gladiators were able to swoop in for a shocking win on the final map of Havana with ultimate held in reserve and time on their side for their last hold of the point. As the winners of the cup, the Gladiators were able to snag the $100,000 grand prize along with three league points.