LA Thieves Win CDL Champs 2022

LA Thieves win CDL Championship 2022.
LA Thieves win CDL Championship 2022. / Image courtesy of LA Thieves/CDL

LA Thieves have emerged as the victors at this year's Call of Duty League Championship.

Yesterday marked the LA Thieves first CDL Championship win since the League's beginning, crushing last year's champs Atlanta FaZe in an explosive final. Thieves left their mark by ending with a 5 - 2 win from Drazah, Kenny, Octane, and Envoy.

It had been a somewhat tumultuous start to the season for LA Thieves, having failed to secure many victories during most of the Major tournaments. But the team pulled out all the stops for Major IV in New York, bringing home the trophy. While many were unsure if the team would be able to match their performance in the Champs, LA Thieves soon put the worries to rest.

Last year's champions Atltanta FaZe showed that they're still a force to be reckoned with, making it into the finals despite having a fairly shaky season all round. The hard loss means the team will have plenty to prove going into next season.

Call of Duty League's 2023 season is set to begin in a few months time, using the Modern Warfare 2 build. Players can kiss goodbye to Vanguard and look ahead towards the new battlegrounds.