LA Valiant Signs ColdesT to Overwatch Roster

Photo courtesy of Immortals Gaming Club

The Los Angeles Valiant has announced that Xiaodong "ColdesT" Tong has joined the team. The 22-year-old professional Overwatch player from China is known for his role as support. ColdesT was previously playing for the Hangzhou Sparks before moving over to Valiant.

This year has been a difficult season for the Valiants. In January, the Valiants made a huge decision to move to China under LinGan e-Sports. Due to this shift, the team had to drop its entire roster along with most of the coaching staff. Immortal Gaming Club's chief executive, Ari Segal, said there had been issues with securing visas for the players to go to China.

The move to China negatively affected Valiant's overall reputation. Not only did the shift anger fans of the team, but Valiant had gone 0-16 this season, harshly damaging fans' perceptions of Valiant.

However, Overwatch players have a hopeful outlook for the team. Valiant has announced a few of its players for the upcoming season, and fans are excited. Along with ColdesT, Weida “Diya” Lu, Seokhyun “Innovation” Oh and Ilha “Becky” Kim have been added to Valiant's roster.

Valiant also welcomed the new head coach, Fuxing “Nohill” Wang, and assistant coach, Seunghyun “Woohyal” Seong, to the team. Fans have already expressed their excitement to see these coaches on the team.

This upcoming season, fans have expressed on Twitter their excitement for the Valiants as powerful players have been introduced to the team. Overwatch League fans and viewers can expect a completely new and hopefully successful season for the Los Angeles Valiant.