Lachlan Adds 'Immersive' Feature to His Fortnite Stream

Lachlan Adds "Immersive" Feature to his Fortnite Streams
Lachlan Adds "Immersive" Feature to his Fortnite Streams | Photo Courtesy of Lachlan Youtube Channel

Popular YouTuber "Lachlan" added a brand new aspect to his Fortnite content creation. On Jan. 7, Lachlan revealed a change to his face cam setup. This new face cam background changes based on Lachlan's in-game status.

As shown in his Twitter video, the background changes colors based on how much health Lachlan has. At full health and shield, his background changes to blue. When Lachlan's health is above 50, the background turns green. When his health dips below 50, his background will change to red. On top of that, the border of his face cam changes when he acquires shield. While adding shield, Lachlan's border flashes blue. At full shield, his border becomes permanently blue. All of these changes in real time with his status in-game. The moment Lachlan loses the shield or goes below 50 health, his background changes.

Lachlan mentioned on his Twitter that this new "immersive" content will be used on his streams.