Lairon Pokemon Go: Evolution, Stats, and Tips

He doesn't look very happy
He doesn't look very happy /

Lairon in Pokemon GO is a powerful Pokemon to have during raid battles. While Pokemon GO continues to make new content and events for fans, trainers still need to collect the best Pokemon for raids.

Lairon Pokemon Go Stats and Type

Lairon is a Steel and Rock Type Pokemon, which just about anyone could have probably guessed based on its stout look and steely demeanor. Its MAX CP is 2056, according to Pokemon Go Hub, and sits at a respectable 158 and 198 Attack and Defense respectively. For stamina, Lairon's stubby legs must not be great for endurance training, as it only has 155 total.

Lairon Pokemon Go Evolution Line and Best Moves

Lairon evolves from Aron and evolves into Aggron (one of my personal fave Pokemon). For moves, it works best with Metal Claw and Heavy Slam, both Steel-type moves. The latter can be swapped out for Rock Slide if Heavy Slam isn't available, just be sure to look out for Fighting or Ground-type moves, as Lairon takes more than DOUBLE damage from them.