Large Lunarlight Pod Shadowlands: How to Open

"This pod seems to contain something valuable but it is closed tightly."
"This pod seems to contain something valuable but it is closed tightly." / Photo courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

The Large Lunarlight Pod in Shadowlands is one option those who’ve joined the Night Fae Covenant exclusively have once they've set up their Anima Conductor. The only issue is looting one requires a few extra steps before you are allowed to begin collecting your Anima.

With getting Anima in the game already being tough, especially due to the limited quantities available on a daily basis, here's how to open Ardenweald's Large Lunarlight Pods in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands.

Large Lunarlight Pod Shadowlands: How to Open

As touched on earlier, before attempting to activate a Large Lunarlight Pod, you need to be a part of the Night Fae Covenant and must channel your Anima Conductor to Glitterfall Basin.

It's also worth noting that the Large Lunarlight Pod is a different reward with separate treasures than the Lunarlight Pod, which will pop up in five other possible locations.

When you first encounter a Large Lunarlight Pod, it will be partially transparent with a purple outline and have the following the hint:

Perhaps lighting up lunarlight buds nearby will open up the pod.

World of Warcraft (WoW): Shadowlands

At this point, simply find the five randomly generated Lunarlight Buds located near the Dim Lunarlight Pod and light them up. To activate them, simply run through each one. You’ll know you successfully activated a bud when they turn purple.

Since the Lunarlight Buds blend in to the landscape fairly well, feel free to set up a macro for "/tar Lunarlight Bud" to make it easier to see them on the ground.

Once all five of the nearby Lunarlight Buds are active, head back to the Large Lunarlight Pod, which will now be ready to be opened. Right click on it to claim your prize, which should include some amount of Anima.

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