Latest Warzone Bug Causes Controllers to Stop Working

Image courtesy of Activision

A new bug to hit Warzone and Vanguard is leaving players with a controller that stops working mid-game. Here's what you need to know.

At this point, if you can imagine something then it's probably been a bug in Warzone. Some are weird, others annoying, and some just break the game entirely. The latest bug that players have discovered affects those playing with a controller, stopping the right-stick from working in the middle of a match.

This one might be a strong contender for the one of the most frustrating bugs yet. Without use of the right stick, players are left to just look straight ahead. You won't be making any spectacular plays with this one.

Fortunately, it looks as though there's an easy fix.

How to Fix Right-Stick Not Working in Warzone and Vanguard

The issue stems from when a player's controller disconnects during a game. Whether it's on console or PC, should the controller disconnect then be reconnected the right-stick seems to just stop working.

What's happening here is that upon disconnecting, the game is automatically changing your input from controller to keyboard and mouse. One fix that players have found is that by hitting 'right' on the D-pad, the game recognizes that a controller is being used.

Alternatively, it seems the issue should resolve itself after the player dies - though, this isn't the most ideal scenario. The more nuclear option is to simply restart the game. Closing and then rebooting the application should fix the issue.

Until this bug is properly fixed in-game, players might want to keep track of their controller battery and disconnect outside of a match.