Latias Pokémon GO: How to Catch

Latias is back in Pokémon GO for a limited time, giving players the chance to catch one of the two components of the eon duo. Latias is a Legendary Dragon- and Psychic-Type Pokémon first introduced by the Pokémon Company in Pokémon Generation 3. Here's what you need to know to catch it in Pokémon GO.

Latias Pokémon GO: How to Catch

Pokémon GO players will be able to catch Latias during the special raid weekend event scheduled to begin Jan. 24 at 4 p.m. ET. Five-star raids embarked on between then and Jan. 27 at 4 p.m. ET will give players the chance to catch the Legendary Pokémon.

To catch Latias, players will want to fill their lineup with Dragon-Type, Bug-Type, Ice-Type, Fairy-Type and Dark-Type Pokémon. The strongest possible option is Rayquaza, whose Dragon Tail and Outrage moves are particularly powerful. Other good options include Salamence, Dragonite and Palkia.

Non-Legendary alternatives are Haxorus, Garchamp, Darkrai and Chandelure, provided they're equipped with moves that will deal extra damage to Latias.

Players will want to team up with as many players as possible to defeat Latias.