Latias Pokémon GO: Raid Event Announced

Latias returns to Pokémon GO in a special raid event.
Latias returns to Pokémon GO in a special raid event. / Photo by Niantic

Latias in Pokémon GO will be available to battle in Raids once again.

In a surprise announcement, Niantic will make Latias and Latios available to battle in five-star raids from 8 a.m June 12 to 10 p.m. June 15 in your local time. The pair have not been available to fight or catch since January.

Latias Pokémon GO: Raid Hour Announced

If you want to catch the two Eon Pokémon, you have to beat them in the Raid first.

Latias and Latios are Psychic and Dragon type Legendary Pokémon, so bring other Dragon types like Dialga or Rayquaza to face them. Ice types do well against them, as well as tanky Dark types. Mamowswine and Tyranitar are some of the best counters to these Eon Pokémon. Tyranitar resists Latias's Psychic moves, but can be vulnerable to Latios's Grass type Solarbeam.

Unfortunately, the fan favorites Latias and Latios are outclassed by other Legendary Dragon and Psychic type Pokémon in competitive play. Latias is bulky, but without much punch. Latios performs a little better with Dragon Claw.

If you have Pokémon that can defeat them in Raids, they're probably just better Pokémon to use than Latias or Latios. Get them for your collection, as these two don't appear in Pokémon GO very often.