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Launch Fireworks Fortnite: Where to Complete the Challenge

Launch Fireworks Fortnite is the latest 14 Days of Sumer challenge. Here are the firework locations.

Launch fireworks Fortnite is Thursday's holiday-themed 14 Days of Summer challenge, sending players on a hunt across the map for firework locations that can be launched into the sky and detonated in a patriotic display of festivity. Here's where to find the various fireworks locations around the map.

Launch Fireworks Fortnite: Fireworks Locations

The challenge instructs Fortnite players to launch three fireworks alongside a river bank, with the last part giving a rather obvious clue as to the whereabouts of each set of fireworks. Diligent players can find all six locations by simply heading to the river and following it for long enough in either direction. For those with less time, here's where to find fireworks:

  • Southwest of Fatal Fields beside a mountain
  • On the other side of the mountain northeast of Shifty Shafts
  • At the southern edge of Loot Lake, where it becomes a river
  • At the eastern edge of Loot Lake, where it becomes a river
  • At the southern end of Lazy Lagoon
  • At the north end of Lazy Lagoon, where it's fed by a river

Photo courtesy of Epic Games