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LC10 SMG Nerfs Confirmed for Black Ops Cold War Season 5

The LC10 SMG in all of its overpowered glory.
The LC10 SMG in all of its overpowered glory. / Photo courtesy of Activision

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War developers confirm LC10 SMG nerfs are going to happen once Season Five goes live Aug. 12, 2021.

Black Ops Cold War Devs Confirm LC10 SMG Will Be Nerfed In Season 5

Season Two marked the drop of the LC10 SMG, and it has been a go-to close-range weapon since. Its recoil is barely noticeable despite outputting high damage and sporting satisfying iron sights, making it a great gun to use in terms of feel and raw power.

Black Ops Cold War development studio Treyarch has confirmed the gun will receive some "new tweaks" in Season 5.

"We've also got a new round of weapon tuning coming for a selection of assault rifles and SMGs, including some new tweaks for the LC10," the studio wrote in a preview for Season 5.

Although "tweaks" is an ambiguous term with regard to power level adjustment, the SMG's status as one of the most powerful SMGs in the game suggests the tweak in question will be a nerf. The extent of the nerf is unknown, as patch notes have yet to be published.

Most likely the LC10 will be taking a nerf in its damage department, recoil department, or both. An increase in recoil and decrease in damage would greatly lower the SMG's power, while one or the other would definitely lower its power without outright killing the gun.

Season Five is set to drop for both Cold War and Warzone this Thursday, Aug. 12.