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League of Legends 2021 Patch Schedule Revealed

The League of Legends 2021 Patch Schedule has been revealed.
The League of Legends 2021 Patch Schedule has been revealed. / Photo courtesy of Riot Games

Riot Games has revealed the League of Legends 2021 patch schedule. The schedule shows that patches will typically be released on Wednesdays, on a biweekly basis. The updates can at times be delayed, so players should keep an eye on the patch schedule page for any 48 hour notices of changes to release dates.

With Patch 11.4 arriving this Thursday, Feb. 18, many are curious to see how it will shape the League of Legends meta. The latest update will introduce system, item, and champion changes, with the jungle role seeing the greatest change of all.

League of Legends 2021 Patch Schedule Revealed

The patch schedule on Riot's website shows the multitude of patches that will be coming in Season 11. By the end of the year, Riot hopes to have implemented a total of 24 patches. The first patch, which introduced Season 11 at the beginning of the year, arrived on Jan. 6. Patch 11.24, the last one to be released, is set to come out on Dec. 8.

In a post on Riot's website, Mark "Riot Scruffy" Yetter, Gameplay Design Director for League of Legends, outlined some of the concerns that Riot hopes to address with the Season 11 patches. Among these issues are champions that are "overly skewed towards Pro Play," "game health or counterplay issues at all levels of play," "older champs that need love," "items not hitting their goals," and "runes not hitting their goals."

The 2021 updates will most likely shift the League of Legends meta toward a new direction. With the nerfs to the jungle role that are being introduced through Patch 11.4 on Thursday, we are already beginning to see what could come next. As is always the case with the arrival of changes to the game, casual and professional players will have to adapt to the ever-changing League of Legends gameplay.