League of Legends Account Recovery: How to Get Your Account Back

League of Legends Account Recovery
League of Legends Account Recovery / Image via Riot Games

League of Legends account recovery is a fairly easy process--provided that you know your account details well. So you're here because you think your League of Legends account got hacked. You were annoyed the first time your password didn't work, only to be overwhelmed with the feeling of dread as you realize that you definitely typed it incorrectly the past seven times.

You begin to ask yourself, "What the hell happened?" Did you click on a bad link? Share your account with a friend? No idea at all? Luckily for you, Riot Games has an easy-to-use account recovery tool that should get your account back in the right hands.

League of Legends Account Recovery

The Yordles over at Riot Games created the account recovery tool that can be accessed by clicking here. Using the tool is fairly simple--all that you need is your usernames and any possible past emails that have been associated with the account. It should be noted that lost usernames and passwords have a completely different process that can be found on the Riot website--this is only for accounts that are believed to have been stolen.

Once you have navigated to the site, input your username and region. Next, you need to input the email that was used to open the account and answer whether you have control over that email account or not. If you have another email that is not your current one or the sign-up email, but was on the Riot account, you'll need to do the same with that email.

Once this is completed, you will receive and email with further instructions on how to regain control of your account and reset your password. Painless, as promised!