League of Legends Ahri ASU Delayed to Patch 13.3

Ahri's ASU is getting delayed to Patch 13.3.
Ahri's ASU is getting delayed to Patch 13.3. / Riot Games

Riot Games announced Jan. 24 that Ahri's upcoming ASU (Art and Stability Update) is being delayed to League of Legends Patch 13.3. It was originally scheduled for Patch 13.2.

A hotfix will go live Jan. 26 including a majority of the content scheduled for Patch 13.2. Though, Ahri's ASU and other updates are being pushed to Patch 13.3.

Riot Games suffered a cyber attack last week where source does for League of Legends, Teamfight Tactics and a legacy anticheat platform were exfiltrated. According to the developer, there is no indication of player data or personal information being obtained as part of the attack. The developer stated on the League of Legends Twitter account that the attack might delay Patch 13.2's delivery.

League of Legends Ahri Update Delayed to Patch 13.3

"Quick update, players. The team completed a hotfix that will include a lot of the content that was scheduled for patch 13.2. It’ll go live on Jan. 26, but unfortunately, we won’t be able to include the Ahri ASU and some other stuff, which we will move to patch 13.3 (Feb. 8)," Riot Games said in a tweet on the official League of Legends account.

Fans should expect most balance changes to go live in the hotfix while some other updates get pushed to the next patch.

League of Legends Patch 13.3 goes live Feb. 8.