League of Legends Akshan Abilities: Full Breakdown

Akshan will be one of the game's strongest champions to play upon his release in the next patch. Here's a breakdown of his kit. | Photo by Riot Games
Akshan will be one of the game's strongest champions to play upon his release in the next patch. Here's a breakdown of his kit. | Photo by Riot Games /

As one of League of Legends' most anticipated characters since the Sentinels of Light event started, Akshan will be a pick that players can learn to abuse upon the day one release, here's a full breakdown of his kit.

League of Legends Akshan Abilities: Full Breakdown

One thing to note about this champion is that Akshan is very slippery. And being able to utilize all of his abilities and to secure kills require some on-the-fly decision making that will either make players look far ahead of others in their rank or boosted. That said, Riot Games has apparently made him to be a mid laner, although it's hard to believe that he will be played only at mid.

Note that the values that are from the Public Beta Environment may not make its way to the full game.

Dirty Fighting (Passive)

Think of something similar to that of Vayne's Silver Bolts (W) passive ability, except it's a true passive and not something that players can simply level in order to scale with it.

Every three hits from auto attacks or abilities will deal a burst of physical damage, and on top of that, he also gains a shield for it if he does it on enemy champions. The Innate passive within it also fires an additional shot when using auto attacks that the PBE has at 50% attack damage (AD) on champions and 100% on minions. After all that, the third stack will deal some bonus magic damage and the shield will scale on levels with 40% bonus AD for two seconds.

If that wasn't insane enough, if Akshan cancels the second shot - not following through with the third - he will gain bonus movement speed with a 100% bonus attack speed kicker that decays for one second.

Avengerang (Q)

This boomerang is similar to that of Gnar's Boomerang Toss (Q) ability in which it will go out and come back and deal damage while also activating his passive.

Akshan throws a boomerang that deals physical damage and reveals enemies for one second that are hit by it, in which, it will extend the range each time it hits an enemy. The boomerang will also return back to Akshan and enemies can be hit again by it once it returns to him. Also, if it does hit an enemy champion he will gain 40% bonus movement speed that decays over one second.

Mana costs are quite high for this ability as it will use 60-80 mana points when it levels, so a Tear of the Goddess is probably best with this character. Physical damage for this skill will scale from 5-85 with an added 80% AD and the total physical damage will scale from 10-170 with an added 160% AD.

Going Rogue (W)

This skill has both a passive and active ability which will make him both a good roaming champion coupled with one of the most ambitious abilities that League of Legends has had to offer so far.

For the passive, if enemy champions kill one of Akshan's allies, they are marked as Scoundrels. When he gets a kill on the Scoundrel, he will get bonus gold, and all allies that have been killed by the marked Scoundrel are resurrected after one second in their base. After that happens, the Scoundrel status is removed from any other enemies that have the same status. There is one word for this passive that best describes it: wow.

If that bombshell also wasn't enough, the active ability for his W allows him to become camouflaged for a short duration, or indefinitely while near terrain. While camouflaged, Akshan can see trails leading toward marked Scoundrels and will gain bonus movement speed from 80-120% on leveling and mana regeneration equal to 12% of his missing mana.

The cost will go from 40-0 mana points on leveling and will go from a 18-2 second cooldown as well with a 0.5 second cast time - as far as the PBE has it at the moment. This ability is likely to be nerfed once players begin to abuse it.

Heroic Swing (E)

If there was a Tarzan simulator, this ability would fully embody it.

Akshan will fire a Hookshot that embeds in the first terrain that it hits. When embedded, he can recast the ability to swing around the terrain in the cast direction which will also fire auto attacks that deal on-hit and on-attack effects at 25% effectiveness per shot to the closest enemy, when swinging. And, while he's swinging, he can recast it again for a third time to jump off the rope in the direction of the cursor and fire a final shot. If Akshan manages to kill an enemy champion, the cooldown will reset.

On the first cast, if he is immobilized or grounded during the animation, it will end the ability early and put it on cooldown. The ability will cost 70 mana points flat and will scale its cooldown from 18-12 seconds on levels.

Comeuppance (R)

This ability is very similar to that of Lucian's The Culling (R) ultimate ability, except that it will have a 2.5 second channeling time and will lock on instead of having to aim it.

At the end of the duration of the channel or after recasting it, Akshan fires five to seven bullets that were channeled dealing physical damage based on missing health to the first minion, champion or structure that is hit. He can also move normally and cast Heroic Swing (E) when both channeling and firing Comeuppance. The damage will increase from 0-300% with 20-30 minimum physical damage for each bullet and an extra 10% AD kicker. It will also benefit from both critical strike and critical damage modifiers, and it will apply life steal.

If the ability is cancelled the ultimate will be placed on a 15-second cooldown.