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League of Legends Akshan Release Date: When is it?

Akshan is League of Legends 156th champion
Akshan is League of Legends 156th champion / Photo by Riot Games

Riot Games have given League of Legends its newest champion in the form of Akshan. Akshan will make his debut during the “Rise of the Sentinels” update. This poses the question when is the League of Legends Akshan release date?

Season 11 has been centered around the Ruination, a Runeterra event that was started by Viego, one of the new champions to release this year. The Ruined King is amassing and sharing his darkness across the land in a form to please his lost wife, Isolde. 

In order to combat Viego, the Sentinels of Light have been formed. Popular champions like Lucian, Senna, and Graves all play the part. And now, at Season 11’s midway point, another champion is joining the causes: Akshan, the marksman.

League of Legends Akshan Release Date: When is it?

As the 156th champion, Akshan wields a grappling hook and a whip. With both in hand, he looks to fight against Ruination and looks for revenge for the death of his fallen mentor, Shadya.

With Shadya’s sacred weapon given to him as a boy, Akshan is always ready for battle. As one of the Sentinels of Light, he wields immense amounts of power and looks to always do things correctly.

Akshan is set to arrive in Summoner’s Rift in patch 11.15 on July 21, 2021. But as always, these are scheduled updates that are always subject to change.