League of Legends Anima Skins Release Date

Image courtesy of Riot Games.

Fans are looking to find out more about when the new League of Legends Anima skins release date is scheduled for.

The Anima Squad skin line was revealed in the Season 2022 League of Legends live stream, where it received a lot of hype with the first glimpse of Battle Bunny Miss Fortune and Battle Bunny Prime Riven. So, while the last patch gave players adorable new bee skins, this skin line is expected to let gamers head into battle with high-tech armor, powerful warriors, and cute animals.

Here's when the new Anima skins will be released.

League of Legends Anima Skins Release Date

While Riot Games has not exactly confirmed when these skins will be released, the highly anticipated League of Legends Anima skins are expected to launch in Patch 12.6, which is scheduled to go live on Wednesday, March 30.

Based on the official splash art, this skin line ensures the arrival of Battle Cat Jinx, Battle Cat Jinx Prestige Edition, Battle Wolf Sylas, Battle Bunny Prime Riven, Battle Bat Vayne, and Battle Bunny Miss Fortune. They all look fantastic and fans are looking forward to its release.

There is always the possibility that the skins get delayed, but traditionally skins get released the patch after they're revealed.