League of Legends ARAM Changes Announced in Dev Blog

Riot Games

All Random All Mid (ARAM) is a game mode that has been in League of Legends since 2012. ARAM has always favored poke and ranged champions, which has rendered melee characters somewhat obsolete.

A dev blog released yesterday highlighted a few changes that should help some of the lower tier characters gain a little bit of power and become playable within the game mode.

League of Legends ARAM Changes Announced in Dev Blog

Here are the announced changes by Riot Games:

Frostgates - These were added by Riot to give players flank opportunities and reduce the cost of dying early, which were both helpful for melee champions that lack utility in the early levels. Although the frostgates have been helpful and been welcomed by the player base, the dev blog notes that the game time has become an issue. Some games can end out of nowhere from one team fight, and the frostgates lose a lot of their utility after early game. In order to fix this, Riot is reverting death timers to Patch 12.22 to make them shorter.

Balance Buffs - Riot has started to balance ARAM champions by more than just changing the damage numbers, which has helped some characters from becoming too overpowered. Instead of damage, Riot buffs other stats like Ability Haste or Tenacity to help increase or decrease the power level of characters. So, Riot is attempting to find more creative ways to balance ARAM and trying to avoid changing a champion's damage numbers.

Tower Rubble - This is the most disliked change from all the ARAM alterations thus far, as players lacked a lot of the vision they were used to having on the map. In light of these complaints, Riot has decided to scale back Tower Rubble immensely, or they might just remove it entirely from the game mode.