League of Legends: Arcane Season 2 Announced

Photo courtesy of Riot Game

The League of Legends Netflix show, Arcane, has announced that Season 2 is in the making. The popular show was released on Nov. 6 and finished off the first season with nine episodes on Nov. 20.

Shortly after the final three episodes of Season 1 were released, Riot Games announced on Twitter and YouTube, a short trailer announcing the production of Season 2.

The first season of Arcane received an overwhelming amount of positive feedback from League of Legend fans, as well as viewers who had no prior knowledge of the game.

Arcane tells the backstories of some of the most iconic League of Legends champions including Jayce, Vi, Jinx and Caitlyn. Through Arcane, fans are able to dive into the world of Piltover and learn more about their favorite champions.

Arcane: League of Legends Season 2 Announced

From what is shown in the short teaser, it is possible that Season 2 will center around the story of Vi and Caitlyn, continuing their search for Jinx. T

The teaser also confirms that these three characters will be under the same voice actors: Hailee Steinfeld as Vi, Katie Leung as Caitlyn, and Ella Purnell as Jinx. Although there is no confirmation, fans can likely expect the voice actors of Jayce, Viktor, and Heimerdinger to return as well.

Arcane has introduced new characters into the League of Legends world and captivated the audience with amazing music and animation throughout the show. Fans of Arcane have expressed their support and can't wait for the arrival of Season 2.