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League of Legends Arcane: Voice Actors, What to Expect and More

courtesy of Riot Games

Arcane, a League of Legends animation series coming on Netflix created by Riot Games, reveals itself with a new trailer this Monday.

In October 2019, Riot Games announced an animation production in process during their League of Legends 10th Anniversary Live Stream. Fans of the League of Legends lore have been eagerly waiting for more information to come.

After almost two years, players were finally pleased with an official announcement by Riot Games and Netflix on Monday featuring a short new trailer. The trailer itself does not contain anything new but we now know that Arcane will be on Netflix this fall.

League of Legends Arcane Announcement: What to Expect?

Zaum | courtesy of Riot Games

Arcane is an animated television series set in the Universe of Riot's most famous game, League of Legends. The story will evolve around Jinx and Vi an their adventure in Piltover and Zaun. This article will explore the release date and platform as well as the voice actors of Arcane.

Release Date and Platform

courtesy of Riot Games

The animation Arcane was originally planned to be released in 2020, yet it has been postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The exact release date has not been confirmed other than it will be sometimes this fall through Netflix. More information can be found here.

Voice Actors

Vi and Jinx in their young age
Vi and Jinx in their young age | courtesy of Riot Games

Other than the release date, Riot Games has not provided any new knowledge of Arcane. Thus no voice actors have been confirmed. The voice actors for Jinx and Vi from the game League of Legends are currently Sarah Williams and Cia Court. The prediction is that Riot Games will use the same voice actors for the animation as of the game may be valid, but fans will have to wait for details for the animation to come soon.