League of Legends Astronaut Veigar Skin Bugged

Photo Courtesy of Riot Games

Astronaut Veigar had League of Legends Redditors up in arms on Thursday. The newest Veigar skin is wreaking havoc in games as a bug has purportedly been discovered that causes large game impact. Players are calling the skin "Pay2Win" in response. This is what we know.

In a popular Reddit thread posted Thursday morning, a video of Astronaut Veigar was posted depicting his Event Horizon (E) not working as intended. The video shows a bug where the spell's effects seem to linger longer than they are supposed to, lasting long past what the animation shows. In the video, you can see two examples where champions are being stunned by Event Horizon after the spell's visual representation disappears.

Astronaut Veigar Skin Bugged

Astronaut Veigar was released alongside Patch 11.13 on July 1, 2021. It's unclear if the bug has existed since the skin's launch, or if something occured in the most recent patch, Patch 11.18, to cause the bug. The reddit thread discussing the bug was only created Thursday, Sept. 16.

Many players have shown a disdain for the bug's existence, citing irresponsibility on Riot's behalf for not identifying the bug earlier. The skin is still purchasable in the client, and also seems to still be available to use in-game.