League of Legends August 2022 Patch Schedule

Solar Eclipse Sivir Splash Art
Solar Eclipse Sivir Splash Art / Courtesy of Riot Games

League of Legends patches often come with Champion and System adjustments aimed at improving and balancing the state of the game, making them exciting for many players. There are a few patches coming in August for players to look forward to in the wake of the Durability Update that, for many, fixed major issues in League of Legends.

Here's the patch schedule for League of Legends in August 2022.

League of Legends August 2022 Patch Schedule

According to the official League of Legends Patch Schedule for 2022, both Patch 12.15 and Patch 12.16 will be coming in August 2022. Patch 12.15 is going live on Aug. 10, and patch notes for 12.15 have already been released.

These patch notes illustrated nerfs to characters like Master Yi, Taliyah, and Sivir, with buffs to characters like Lillia, Singed, and Rammus.

Patch 12.16 is coming out Aug. 24. Patch notes for 12.16 aren't available yet, as they'll likely be determined by what the state of the game looks like after Patch 12.15 goes live, and what requests are made by the community.

While these are the main two patches coming in August, it's also possible we get a miniature patch (like we did for Patch 12.14b), so players should make sure to keep their eyes out for any upcoming changes.