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League of Legends Battle Academia Missions 2021

New Battle Academia Missions on 2021 reward players who own the skins.
New Battle Academia Missions on 2021 reward players who own the skins. / Courtesy of Riot Games.

The 2021 Battle Academia skins came with missions, too. League of Legends players will be able to earn rewards in a new small-scale event inspired by the skin set released in 2021. The official skins trailer was released on March 18, 2021.

The trailer featured Garen, Wukong, Caitlyn, Yone and Leona all gaining a new skin with a magical-school theme. Leona herself got two skins: a normal Battle Academia skin, and a Prestige skins. All champions also got chromas based on their skins.

Battle Academia Missions 2021

One of the Battle Academia missions is titled "First Day of School." There's two objectives from which players can choose in order to complete it: either they kill three dragons as a team, or alternatively they can play five games. Regardless of which one of the two they choose, they will be rewarded with 150 of Blue Essence.

The second mission is titled, "Who Needs To Study?" and its objectives are similar to the first one in that there are two choices in order to complete the mission and earn the rewards. Either play five games, or earn 10,000 in gold. Completing this mission will give players 350 in Blue Essence.

Each Battle Academia skin is worth around 1350 Riot Points, which is around $10. The only exceptions to this rule are Caitlyn, whose skin is worth 1820 Riot Points, and Leona's Prestige skin with a price of 100 PP.