League of Legends Caitlyn Council Archives Released

Photo courtesy of Riot Games

League of Legends released the Caitlyn Council Archives on Nov. 22, part of the League of Legends game events, the Council Archives.

The Council Archives were introduced when Riot Games' Netflix show, Arcane, aired on Nov. 6. There are four different archive entries that players can explore, revealing more details about the show and the champions.

The champions with these special archives are Jayce, Vi, Caitlyn and Jinx.

League of Legends Caitlyn Council Archives Released

In Jayce's diary, released first, players were able to read the details of his scientific journal and learn more about arcane magic. This archive also gives players insight on the world of Piltover and its technological advancements.

Vi's records were unlocked on Nov. 15, showing players her unruly behavior as a teenager and the crimes she had been charged with. Her archive also reveals her strong sense of self-defense told from the perspective of an uncaring overseer.

The new release of Caitlyn's archives are a series of Piltover Enforcers' files. Players of League of Legends are able to go through the files and piece together the puzzle held within them. Fans have been quick to share their theories and answers to small details in the puzzle on Twitter.

As Arcane finished up its first season of the show and dropped the Caitlyn Council Archives, League of Legend fans can expect the final archive to drop on Nov. 24. This final collection will show the dark and whimsical sketches drawn by Jinx, revealing more details of her character and Arcane.