League of Legends Challenges are Coming to PBE

Photo courtesy of Riot Games

Over the course of a few months, Riot Games has been releasing news on creating a Challenges system which will be hitting their PBE next week.

Riot announced that before launching Challenges, which will be released early 2022, the new system will have an extended stay in their PBE until the end of the year. More features of the Challenges system will be added in PBE later than others.

Players of League of Legends have expressed to Riot that progression in the game is difficult unless they are playing ranked. Riot responded to the fans' wishes by creating the new Challenges system.

With over 300 challenges, the update has been specifically designed to allow all players of League of Legends to progress in the game. Whether one is an ARAM fanatic, Clash competitor, or cosmetics collector, the Challenges system will allow players to express themselves and their achievements in the game.

The Challenges system will be given its own tab where a player can track their own progress, but also be able to view other players' achievements as well. Along with a new way to follow along with one's progress, Riot will be releasing ranked crests, new titles, and tokens that display players' achievements in the lobby.

The system will show five different categories with challenges in each one. As one completes a challenge, not only will progress in the category go up; the categories are also able to rank up from Iron to Challenger.

The five categories are titled: Imagination, Expertise, Teamwork & Strategy, Veterancy, and Collection. A time-limited category, Legacy, will also be shown to celebrate the past achievements that can no longer be obtained.