League of Legends Challenges Explained

Image courtesy of Riot Games.

Wondering what exactly the League of Legends challenges are? We've got you covered.

Added in Patch 12.9, challenges are designed to provide progression to all League players. With over 300 challenges, you can level up individual challenges from Iron to Master. From there, there are many challenges within the Grandmaster and Challenger tiers.

Here's everything you need to know about League of Legends challenges.

League of Legends Challenges Explained

League of Legends challenges have their own tab within your profile. The crystal on the left tracks your progression through the system, and every challenge you rank up increases your overall score. This, in turn, evolves your crystal from Iron to Challenger.

The five bars under the crystal represent the five categories of challenges that will test you on different parts of your skills in-game:

1. Imagination: Modes and innovative plays

Bad Medicine: Kill enemies recently healed by a heal pack in ARAM
Wave Goodbye: Kill 20 minions within 3 Seconds

2. Expertise: Skillfully crushing your opponents is the way to earn big

Unkillable Demon King: Win games without dying
Flame Horizon: Win games with 100 or more CS than your opponent

3. Teamwork & Strategy: Working together with your team to dominate the Rift

Soul Sweep: Claim Dragon Souls 4 - 0
Team Diff: Score aces between minion spawn and 15 minutes

4. Veterancy: Putting up big lifetime numbers in kills, gold earned, and other stats

Multi-Weapon Master: Win with different Mythic Items

5. Collection: Challenges related to collecting cosmetics and engaging in loot

Icon of the Rift: Obtain Summoner Icons
Spice of Life: Obtain Champions

The other category is called legacy. They are limited-time challenges to commemorate past achievements and do not contribute to your overall progress and cannot be leveled up.

Additionally, a unique icon will represent that challenge and its current rank. Below the challenge's name will be the criteria. Furthermore, the upper left-hand corner reveals how many points a challenge is contributing toward your challenges score while the upper right-hand corner shows you which modes a challenge can be earned in. Lastly, the bottom of the card show the next major reward you will receive for leveling up the challenge.

Ultimately, players will be rewarded for achieving different goals throughout their battles in Summoner's Rift and Howling Abyss.