League of Legends Champion Roadmap: 3 Things You Should Know

League of Legends Champion Roadmap was revealed by Riot Games as part of its 10-year celebration, detailing several new features that will be rolled out into the game throughout the month and into early November.

Here are three things you should know about the latest League of Legends announcement.

League of Legends Champion Roadmap: 3 Things You Should Know

New Champion Senna: Senna, a new marksman character, will be heading to the game soon, and looks to be a promising range champion. It looks like her abilities will be focused on ranged weapons, but will also have a diverse set of abilities, as her flavor text reads that she can "swap through her weapons like the cycle of the moons."

Update to Volibear: While not as complete as Senna, Riot shared a few early development photos of a new champion known as Volibear. It looks like Volibear will be more of a tank character, with a polar bear inspired design and abilities centered around electricity.

A new direction for Fiddlesticks: In response to the positive feedback of Fiddlesticks having multiple voices, enhancing the horror themes of his character, Riot is unveiling a new skin set that is almost entirely based around fear. This will include experienced Fiddle players to "wreak havoc on the minds of their opponents."

Image Courtesy of Riot Games