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League of Legends Champion Roadmap Sept. 2021 Teases New ADC

Photo Courtesy of Riot G ames

The League of Legends Champion Roadmap was released in Sept. 2021, giving insight into Riot's thinking for the future of champion releases and changes. Information was given on Riot's upcoming art and sustainability updates, a feature that hasn't happened since the update to Alistar in 2015.

Besides that, Riot teased some information about upcoming champion releases. Riot has attempted to stick to the schedule of releasing 6 champions a year - one in each role with an additional mid laner. According to the roadmap, due to delays, the newest champion will not be released until early next year.

League of Legends Champion Roadmap Sept. 2021 Teases New ADC

Confirmed in the champion roadmap, the newest League of Legends champion will be an ADC. Based on the information provided, we can guess that the ADC is thematically based on electricity and energy. "For this new champ, we wanted to re-explore the role of the basic attack in a marksman champion’s kit and see if we could completely turn its purpose around. I’m getting amped just thinking about it, and if you are as well, get ready for a hyper new champion very early next year."

Other notes included in the roadmap include some information on the next champion down the line, a support. Some updates on the long ongoing VGU for Udyr were mentioned as well.