League of Legends Champion Tier List: Best Marksmen Patch 13.3

Courtesy of Riot Games

There was a major buff to marksmen in League of Legends Patch 13.1b that made Infinity Edge and Navori Quickblades' passive activate with 40% critical strike, instead of the 60% needed previously. This has made scaling marksmen strong in the current meta and made early game characters weaker in the bottom lane.

There were numerous buffs and nerfs to champions in Patch 13.3, but none of the traditional marksmen were altered.

League of Legends Champion Tier List: Best Marksmen Patch 13.3

Caitlyn - Caitlyn has seen a lot of competitive and ranked play because of the long auto attack range she has that helps her bully lane opponents. She also pairs well with numerous supports right now, mainly being Lux.

Xayah - She has great self-peel with her ultimate ability, which makes her become untargetable to dodge crowd control. She also is immensely buffed by the Navori Quickblades change, which helps give her more damage.

Zeri - Zeri takes a while to become strong, but she is nearly unstoppable once she is able to get a few items. She is very effective with tanks surrounding her that have a lot of crowd control, which is currently useful in the meta.

Tristana - This character gets immensely buffed with the Infinity Edge changes because she can scale even faster into the game now, and she is already one of the best late game carries in the game.

Varus - Lethality items are efficient for Varus and help him scale well into the mid game, which helps obtain early dragon control to pressure soul quickly.