League of Legends Champion Tier List: Best Mid Laners Patch 13.3

Photo courtesy of Riot Games

League of Legends Patch 13,3 will showcase a lot of diversity in the bottom lane, but mid lane will likely still be ruled by the best champions from Patch 13.2. There were a couple nerfs to current powerhouses in the middle lane, but many of them went untouched this patch.

Since Kassadin is receiving a nerf this patch, who will be the best picks for mid lane on Patch 13.3?

League of Legends Champion Tier List: Best Mid Laners Patch 13.3

Cassiopeia - Many of the champions that are strong in mid lane currently are one's that utilize the item called Rod of Ages. This is a strong scaling item that did not get nerfed this patch, so Cassiopeia will still be prominent in the meta.

Ryze - This character has seen play across every professional league, but it has been picked highly in Korea and Europe. He also utilizes Rod of Ages and is a massive late game threat that can carry games on his own.

Anivia - Although this champion is not picked as highly as the previous two characters listed, Anivia is still a great pick because of the wave clear and map control she provides to her team. She also acquires Rod of Ages, which makes her almost impossible to deal with in the late game.

Taliyah - This champion also provides a lot of map control and can roam around the map quickly with her ultimate. She gives her team crowd control and single target burst, which can help swing a team fight whenever she can kill the opposing team's carry.

Viktor - Viktor has made his return to the meta recently. He loves being able to farm in lane safely and scaling to get his ability upgrades. The slow meta favors his champion heavily now, and he has been popping up in competitive play the past couple weeks.