League of Legends Champion Tier List: Best Supports Patch 13.3

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League of Legends Patch 13.3 is finally here and looking to alter the meta. Support is a role that has seen a lot of new champions picked within the role, as even some traditional ADC's have seen play as a support this season.

The new patch mostly focuses on top and jungle changes, but there will be buffs to tank supports that will try and dethrone the enchanter support meta that is currently standing.

With the updates to the game with Patch 13.3, who are the best supports?

League of Legends Champion Tier List: Best Supports Patch 13.3

Nami - Even with the nerfs to the Nami and Lucian combo, this champion will still be strong due to the utility of her healing, Tidecaller's Blessing (E), and ultimate.

Janna - This champion has seen a lot of play due to the amount of peel she provides for her lane partner, and the large shields she can give to anyone being focused in a team fight.

Nautilus - Another character that utilizes a lot of crowd control with his kit, as he has three different ways to root an enemy. He should become even stronger with the tank support buffs that occurred this patch.

Ashe - This champion has seen immense play in professional leagues across the world, and she has a straightforward playstyle that players can easily emulate. The crowd control from her ultimate makes her a highly coveted utility support and can be paired with almost anything.

Braum - This is a niche pick that sees little play, but the buffs to tank supports should help him get picked more often. He is also a nice duo lane partner with Lucian, who is able to utilize Braum's passive more than other ADC champions.