League of Legends Champion Tier List: Best Top Laners Patch 13.3

Courtesy of Riot Games

There will be some changes to the current top lane meta in League of Legends because of the changes in Patch 13.3, as one of the most powerful champions has been nerfed in this patch.

K'Sante has been hit with some negative changes that will make him a more well rounded character and on an equal playing field with other top laners.

With the changes to current strong top laners, who will be the best pick in Patch 13.3?

League of Legends Champion Tier List: Best Top Laners Patch 13.3

Gangplank - He is one of the strongest top laners right now because of his global ultimate and the major damage he can do in team fights with his barrel combo. He also gets major assistance with the Navori Quickblades and Infinity Edge changes.

Jax - Thanks to the small update to Jax's kit, he has become one of the strongest champions in the top lane.

Fiora - She is one of the best dueling champions in the game and can counter some of the best characters in the meta currently. She has great pushing power in lane and can solo carry a game.

Ornn - He has always been a strong pick with his scaling enabled by upgrading teammates' items. His ultimate also provides a lot of utility, and he is just difficult to kill in fights.

Gnar - Gnar has consistently been a popular top lane champion thanks to his variety of builds including utility and damage. He's not quite as strong as some other picks currently, but he's still a solid option to fall back on whenever necessary.