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League of Legends' Champion Vex: Everything You Need to Know

Photo by Riot Games

League of Legends' newest Champion, Vex, was unveiled by Riot Games recently, and despite the recent release of Akshan, plenty of fans are excited to receive a new Champion in a future update. Amidst the excitement, plenty of fans have questions they'd prefer an answer to, like potential release date, her play style, or even if she'll be any fun to play with. Here's everything we know about the upcoming newest Champion, Vex.

League of Legends' Champion Vex: Everything You Need to Know

Vex was initially revealed as a part of the Sentinels of Light event, specifically the Rise of Sentinels story available now. According to a more detailed blog post from Riot, Vex is a "gloomy yordle" who receives her abilities from her powerful shadow. The development team hasn't received any new information about her playstyle or any gameplay featuring her, other than a previous post mentioning that she has "moved away from being an artillery mage and is now closer to a classic mage," but it's safe to say that more details will arrive shortly.

In the former blog post, a release date of September was mentioned for Vex, assuming everything goes according to plan. According to Lead Producer Reav3, "We're working on getting hersource of power (aka her shadow) just right in-game, which is why she's releasing a bit after the Sentinels of Light event."

It seems for mid-laners, Vex may be a welcome addition to a stacked roster, at least if she's viable at launch. That may not be the case, with the recently-released Akshan needing a hotfix to improve. But, with Patch 11.16 on its way, players will be able to pass the time until the goth yordle arrives sometime in September.