League of Legends Checking for Corruption: What it is and How to Fix it

League of Legends checking for corruption has been plaguing players having issues logging in recently.

Corruption occurs when files that are used by a game or other software become unusable, usually as a result of bugs or issues when closing software improperly. simply put, if you have corrupted League of Legends files, the game may not launch or it might crash consistently.

Here's a guide on how to diagnose and fix the error.

League of Legends Checking for Corruption: What it is and How to Fix it

Checking for Corruption

Usually corruption will be detected when you start the client. If it is, you'll receive a notice before logging into the launcher and you won't be able to start the game until repairs have been attempted.

Sometimes, though, corruption causes players to crash or disconnect from games. These instances aren't always the result of corruption, but you can find a breakdown of crash symptoms and solutions on the Riot Games support website.

How to Fix it

Since there are many possible sources of corruption, there are many possible fixes, too. What works for one person isn't guaranteed to work for an other, and in some cases multiple fixes are required.

1. Initiate Full Repair in the Launcher.

If your corruption is preventing the launcher from loading, this process will occur automatically, but you can also manually activate it by clicking on the gear icon in the top right of the launcher and clicking on the Initiate Full Repair button under Troubleshooting.


2. Download and Activate the Hextech Repair Tool.

The Hextech Repair Tool can be downloaded from the Riot Games support website here. This tool can be used to reinstall the game, initiate a repair sequence, and gather logs and other data for Riot's support staff so that they can provide you with additional assistance.

3. Check Your Drivers and Firewalls

Sometimes issues that seem like they're specific to a certain game are actually caused by other software on your computer. If neither initiating a full repair nor reinstalling the game seems to resolve the issue, try updating your video drivers and checking to see if your computer's security system is flagging League of Legends, preventing it from working.

Photo courtesy of Riot Games