League of Legends Clash: Everything You Need to Know

League of Legends Clash is on its way back! Clash mode was going through a beta testing phase a few months ago and there were some problems that arose during the session.

This time around, Clash will still be in a testing phase.

League of Legends Clash: Everything You Need to Know

Clash will work very similarly this time as it did previously. You will be able to make a team starting Aug. 19 in preparation for the games the following weekend.

Your team will still be matched up with teams of equal strength using the same tier system as the last Clash tournament, but when the tournament comes, instead of playing a three-day tournament, Clash is now set up to be two separate one-day tournaments.

Another difference that Riot is testing is a new rolling start feature to help ease the amount of people logging on and playing at the exact same time. This means the lower tier your team is, the earlier you are starting on the tournament day.

Cover Image Courtesy of Riot Games