League of Legends Clubs Shutters

League of Legends Clubs Shuts Down
League of Legends Clubs Shuts Down / Riot Games

League of Legends Clubs will shutter after Riot Games has decided to get rid of the Clubs system, a tool for players to find other League of Legends players to play with. Riot has given their reason as to why the once helpful tool has now been disbanded, and their actions make sense. Let's get into why Riot has decided to let go of this feature from the League of Legends client.

League of Legends Clubs Shuts Down

In a blog post, Riot Games gave their reasoning as to why the Clubs feature is being removed. The main reason is that outside tools, mainly Discord, has outpaced Clubs ability to bring League players together and form communities. Tools like Discord and their technology have massively outpaced the ability for a tool like Clubs to stay relevant. Riot wants to encourage community within its games, and it makes sense to discontinue the tool.

Another reason that was given for the shutting down of Clubs was that the technology it is based off of has become outdated, leaving developers in a difficult spot when trying to update it. All in all, it made sense for Riot games to stop support of Clubs, and to allow other clients like Discord to fully take over the community space.