League of Legends Dodge Tool: What is it?

The League of Legends Dodge Tool is a website where players can see a prediction of their team's win rate based on past data.

Playing on the Summoner's Rift often gets us highly competitive. There are so many factors to consider just in champion select. Because the basic premise of the game is you get to play as a team of five against five, the players on your team and what champion they play are crucial. We were able to witness the importance of this from MSI 2021 alone as well as our everyday game experience.

Just so you don't get frustrated in game, a developer has made a website to determine the possibility of your team to win. Consider using this tool if your mental health is effected greatly by losses that feel like you aren't responsible from. This article will be explaining the Dodge Tool for League of Legends and how it works.

League of Legends Dodge Tool: What is it?

The Dodge Tool website is a simple tool allowing players to determine if they want to continue with their team and dodge if they decide to do so.

The LoL Queue Dodge Tool is relatively simple. First, access the website by typing loldodgetool.com. You have the choice to copy and paste your champion select lobby chat or type in name by name.

Click on 'Predict win rate' to proceed. Next to the summoner names you can choose the champion they will be playing as well. This will increase the accuracy of the win rate for your team. Make sure to select the server as well.

The website does not have the champion names in alphabetical order. You may scroll down to find the champion but an easier way is to continuously click on the first alphabet of the name until the one you are looking for shows up.

Clicking on 'Go' will lead you to the result page. The example screenshot shows all possible information the Dodge Tool can provide. My team has been showing poor performance compared to the enemy team jungle, mid, and ADC. The supports seem to have an even level of performance but the other lanes would most likely have a hard time.

One note is that this website has a 61.4% prediction rate and is not completely reliable. The numbers provided by the Dodge Tool is based only on the champion data of each player and there are plenty of room to improve as a team.