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League of Legends Eclipse 2022 Capsule Rewards

Image courtesy of Riot Games.

The Eclipse 2022 event has started, and Riot Games is giving players a chance to earn some excellent rewards through missions without needing to purchase the event pass.

Here's everything you need to know about the League of Legends Eclipse 2022 Capsule Rewards.

League of Legends Eclipse 2022 Capsule Rewards

The Eclipse 2022 event gives gamers access to six missions and one extra mission in celebration of the event. Along with the release of new skins for Kayle, Aatrox, Sejuani, Sivir, and Senna, players will be able to receive one Eclipse Capsule and Eclipse Grab Bag for free by completing a mission.

Essentially, these capsules will help increase the event-exclusive milestone track, which was introduced as part of the Mythic Item Overhaul.

The mission is fairly simple: accumulate 150 points by playing and winning games. This will reward you three skin shards. The skin shards can be used to upgrade, use as one of three skins to re-roll into a skin permanent, or disenchant it.

Keep in mind that you can also purchase the Eclipse Capsules through the in-game shop as well.