League of Legends EDG Skin Bundles Detailed

The EDG skins.
The EDG skins. / Courtesy of Riot Games

Edward Gaming was the victor of the 2021 League of Legends World Championship; and now, another of the boons of their victory has been released. The EDG Skin line, commemorating EDG's victory, has been released. If you want to know how to purchase the EDG skins or skin bundles, this article will help show you how.

The EDG skins immortalize the team's victory in the form of skins for Aphelios, Graves, Virgo, Yuumi and Zoe. All characters are given snow-white hair, their metallic outfits a dark grey accented with blue. One Twitter user pointed out that Yuumi resembles the cat of EDG support player, Tian "Meiko" Ye. The skins were made available on May 12, 2022, in the release of Patch 12.9, alongside the new High Noon skins.

Each EDG base skin can be purchased from the shop for 1,350 RP. Every character also has a bundle that includes the base EDG skin, an EDG Signature icon, an Elite chroma and the specific champion. The cost of each character's bundle varies. The EDG Zoe and EDG Yuumi bundles are the cheapest, with both costing 2,530 RP; the EDG Graves bundle costs 2,970 RP; and EDG Aphelios and EDG Viego are the most expensive, both priced at 3017 RP. Players have the option to purchase a bundle that includes every bundle listed, plus an EDG World Champions Golden icon, for 14,314 RP.

The EDG skins and bundles are available to purchase for a limited time.