League of Legends Eternals Explained

League of Legends Eternals is a new system out in place for players to track their stats and achieve
League of Legends Eternals is a new system out in place for players to track their stats and achieve / Riot Games

League of Legends Eternals is a new system out in place for players to track their stats and achievements.

Riot Games announced their revamped designs and plans for League of Legends Eternals on Wednesday. Here's everything you need to know about the updated version of League of Legends Eternals.

League of Legends Eternals Basics

In short, League of Legends Eternals is just another way for players to demonstrate their mastery on a particular champion in game and in the loading screen before games begin. These are broken down into two different types of Eternals achievements: Common Eternals and Unique Eternals.

Common Eternals track stats that are not specific to any particular champion, for example things like champion takedowns and Epic Monster kills. In contrast, Unique Eternals track stats specific to a champion, like the number of long range ultimates you've landed as Ashe or the number of times your ultimate has hit two or more people as Vladimir.

Eternals also have unlockable perks that are earned by hitting milestones within a set of Eternals. If you hit five milestones on one Eternal, you'll begin to track your Personal Best for the stat. If you beat it in a match, you'll get a special milestone callout that will be seen by all players in the game. Hitting 15 milestones across any of the Eternals in a set awards an upgrade to your Champion Mastery Emote that can be earned multiple times.

Eternals come in sets of three with some sets having three Uniques, a mix of Unique and Common Eternals, or just three Common Eternals. The price for each set is determined by how many Common or Unique Eternals it has and are available for purchase with RP.

Buying League of Legends Eternals

Eternals have now been changed to allow players to purchase them with both Blue Essence and RP. Each champion will have its own Stater Series available for purchase for either 2500 Blue Essence or 225 RP and will contain three Common Eternals tracking takedowns, structures destroyed, and Epic Monsters killed.

Each champion will also have its own Series 1 of Eternals containing three Unique Eternals. It will be available for 600 RP and not available for purchase with Blue Essence.

Players can also buy a Starter Series Pass and a Series 1 Pass that will give them access to all the Starter Series Eternals and Series 1 Eternals for every champion in the game and every future champion. The Starter Series Pass will be available for 14,750 Blue Essence or 1,350 RP and the Series 1 Pass will be available for 5,850 RP.

Players will also be able to get Set Shards from Eternal Capsules awarded at the end of Ranked Splits and will function similarly to Skin Shards.