League of Legends Event Pass Evolved Explained

Image courtesy of Riot Games

Wondering what the Event Pass Evolved is in League of Legends? We've got you covered.

With the hefty number of skins and other in-game content available for players to purchase in League of Legends these days, Riot Games is revamping the methods used to acquire the rarest cosmetics the game has to offer.

Once League of Legends' Mythic Content Overhaul begins with the release of Patch 12.6, the game's event passes will be updated, hybridizing the existing Token Shop system and more traditional battle passes. Here's a breakdown of what the Event Pass Evolved is in League of Legends.

What is the Event Pass Evolved in League of Legends?

As part of Riot's third and final phase of mythic content changes, the game's event passes will be updated, hybridizing the existing Token Shop system with more traditional battle passes.

Players will be able to earn XP from playing games and completing missions, as well as unlock tokens and other rewards as they level through the pass.

All the rewards spread across different event mission types before the update are consolidating into a 50-level rewards lineup with paid and free tracks:

  • Free event missions: Converted to free pass track rewards. Still includes 300 total tokens and an Event Orb, among other content. Players will earn all free rewards by level 30.
  • Pass token bank missions: Converted to paid pass track rewards at each level. After all 50 event pass levels, there's an infinitely repeatable "51st" level for pass holders that grants tokens.
  • Pass milestone missions: Converted to paid pass track rewards.
  • Pass weekly wins missions: Now grant XP instead of tokens. Stacks with First Win of the Day missions.
  • Free First Win of the Day missions: Earn pass XP for your first win (or three played matches) each day. Like the standard First Win mission, this is a use-it-or-lose-it model; players can't accrue multiple First Win missions.

Players will still be able to spend the tokens they earn in a Token Shop, and once the new Event Pass launches, RIot says that they'll adjust tuning as needed to ensure it doesn't take as long to grind 2000 tokens as it has in the past.

When League's event pass system updates, Riot will not be increasing its price.

Event passes will still cost 1650 RP and include four Event Orbs and 200 Event Tokens. Riot is also keeping the 2650 RP bundle that includes the base skin of the event's Prestige, its border, and its icon.