League of Legends Faerie Court Event Pass End Date

Riot Games

The League of Legends Faerie Court skin line was released a couple of weeks ago, and it was encompassed in a full event.

Riot Games releases particular skin sets with events and event passes, but they are relatively rare and happen every month or two. Since the Faerie Court skins included the first cosmetic related to the new champion Milio, it makes sense that the cosmetics are associated with an event.

Players can earn tickets for free by playing the game throughout the event's time, or there is an event pass that people can purchase to collect the most tokens possible. Players can use event tokens to buy numerous items, including the Prestige Faerie Court Katarina skin.

Since these tokens are only usable during the event, it is important for players to know when the event will end. Here is end date for the Faerie Court Event Pass.

League of Legends Faerie Court Event Pass End Date

The League of Legends Faerie Court Event Pass will end in two weeks, as it has already been available for the past couple of weeks. Each League of Legends event usually lasts for about one month, and the Faerie Court event follows that pattern. Officially, the Faerie Court event will end on Apr. 25, but the event store will remain open until May 1.

Therefore, players will have just over two more weeks to acquire experience points and gather up tokens for the Event Pass.