League of Legends Friends List Bug: What is it and is There a Fix?

League of Legends friends list bug has plagued players since the month of December as dozens of members flooded the community boards complaining of similar problems.

All of them were having issues with their friend list in-client while playing League of Legends, and the problem has been persistent for some time. For the tech savvy fans of the industry, they immediately went into the game files and found some glaring issues, "All folders are missing except the first, League+ and Offline. When I click a folder to collapse/expand it, other folders start showing up one at a time with their names and 0/0. My current online friends are under General instead of their regular folder. If I toggle "Group Offline" it shows the correct number of people in each folder but my online friends still show up in General, and won't move to the correct folder if I drag them there."

He later edits in that current friends online were in the correct folder, but when he restarted his client, they moved into the wrong folder.

League of Legends Friends List Bug: What is it and is There a Fix?

The bug seems to affect friend lists for players. Either players aren't showing up, in the wrong category, can't be clicked, or even interacted with at all. For solo players, this isn't much of an issue, but for anyone trying to group up with friends, this is a massive headache.

While an for-sure fix hasn't been found, one player has found success tweaking one thing, "I had this problem and fixed it by toggling the "Sort" settings. When I unchecked Group by Server or League+ or whatever each time it started slowly syncing them back to the way they were before. I didn't move anyone manually."

While it worked for him, a couple other players stated it only made things worse, while one specifically said it worked for a day before making things much worse.

As of yet, Riot Games has not responded to problem.