League of Legends Ghost Game: How to Fix

League of Legends Ghost Game is a common issue that has been around for as long as the game has been live. It occurs when you complete a game but don't go to the results screen. So how do you fix ghost games?

Ghost games commonly occur after updates and patches. The ghost game is caused when your client doesn't receive the update from the server for the game ending, leaving you in the game. Reconnecting to the game won't work, as the game has ended server-side already; your client just hasn't caught up.

League of Legends Ghost Game: How to Fix

The first thing you can do to try and fix this issue is to restart your client and computer. Then, you can try updating the client if possible.

Sometimes, the ghost game will fix itself if you log out for a while. In that case, it's usually a server issue that will be fixed whenever it gets fixed. There wouldn't be much you could do about it then.

Photo courtesy of Riot Games.