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League of Legends Gwen Tips: How o Play the Champion

These tips are meant to help players in the early, mid and late phases of a game while playing Gwen.
These tips are meant to help players in the early, mid and late phases of a game while playing Gwen. / Courtesy of Riot Games.

The newest champion to enter the Summoner's Rift is Gwen, the Hallowed Seamstress, and here is a guide with tips on how to play this new champion.

Be Aware of Your Match-Up

Always have enough abilities to take advantage of your passive and the healing it provides. Gwen is a fighter, even if she builds AP items. so play her as one.

Remember that she is centered around auto-attacks. The passive's percentage based damage allow her to shred through juggernauts and tanks, but this is only if she is within auto-attack range. Make sure your opponent is one that you can fight at that specific range. I

Early Game

Remember that you Q stacks on all auto attacks, including those against minions. So focus on fighting your opponent with pure auto attacks and using your Q ability once you reach full stacks of snippy. Keep pressuring your opponent, especially once you get your E ability. Because you'll be using you auto-attacks against minions and your opponent alike, pushing the minion wave may cause your opponent's jungler to arrive in the early game, so watch out for that.

Your Passive and Q Are Your Bread and Butter

Because of her range and how much she relies on auto-attacks, Gwen performs best when chose as a counter to an enemy top laner that she can compete against with her kit, but insta-locking her is not recommendable. Gwen works best when against a tank, juggernaut or bruiser because her range allows her to poke them better.

After getting a few items (check out our Gwen build article for more information on that) you have the potential to go all--in with your ultimate ability (plus the AP benefits that play into your kit.)

  • Tip #1: Manage the minion wave to draw your opponent towards you, and away from their safety zone, so that not only are they closer to your range but in case they choose to run away you can use your E ability to chase them down.
  • Tip #2: Don't be shy about casting your abilities repeatedly, even if it feels like spamming. Take advantage of your low mana costs when engaging against your opponent with a mix-up of Q and auto-attacks.

Mid-Late Game

League of Legends Gwen Tips: How To Play the Champion
Gwen's primary source of damage is her Q and her auto-attacks. / Courtesy of Riot Games.

Again, Gwen's damage comes from a combination from her auto attacks and Q ability, both of which benefit from her passive that allows Gwen to deal percentage health damage. Thanks to the passive, during team fights the Hallowed Seamstress can shred through the front liners (tanks, juggernauts, etc) and chase down the squishier bot lane opponents with her E.

  • Tip #1: Play Gwen either in the front line, or in the back line. Her range and passive allow her to get through the enemy front lines, but afterwards it is best to use her W in the back to avoid damage from melee juggernauts.
  • Tip #2: Remember that you are not a tank! Your W does not make you invincible, and if you dive into the front line recklessly and the enemy is inside of you W you will likely not survive against five enemies on your own.
  • Tip #3: Be aware of your range, any champion that has more range than you could kite and kill you. Watch out for ADCs, unless your build allows you to one-shot them.

We hope these tips help you enjoy the newest addition to the League of Legends roster! Go out there, and enjoy the Hallowed Seamstress in the Summoner's Rift.