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League of Legends High Noon Skins Release Date

Image courtesy of Riot Games.

Fans are looking to find out more about when the new League of Legends High Noon skins release date is scheduled for.

The High Noon line is arguably one of the most popular series of alternate universe skins in the game. Taking place in a desert setting, each champion is a 'western' hero, villain, or creature. This time around, the High Noon line features Leona, Varus, Talon, Katarina, and Mordekaiser. Among these champions, Talon will also be getting a High Noon Prestige Edition.

With that in mind, here's when the new High Noon skins will be released.

League of Legends High Noon Skins Release Date

While Riot has not exactly confirmed when these skins will be released, the highly anticipated League of Legends High Noon skins are expected to launch in Patch 12.9, which is scheduled for Wednesday, May 11.

Based on the official splash art that was posted on Twitter by the League of Legends account, the High Noon skin line sets the scene for an epic battle between angels and demons. They all look captivating and it's no surprise that they're quite popular.

There is always the possibility that the skins get delayed, but traditionally skins get released the patch after they're revealed.