League of Legends: How to Get Unlimited Free RP

Image courtesy of Riot Games.

There's a new way for gamers to earn unlimited free RP in League of Legends.

Previously, players could only get in-game currency by purchasing it with pre-created codes or real money. The RP allows gamers to buy exciting icons, wards, skins, and more. Now, with Microsoft Rewards, fans are able to obtain a limitless amount of RP without using real-world money.

Here's everything gamers need to know about the new way to earn free RP in League of Legends.

How to Get Unlimited Free RP in League of Legends

To acquire the in-game currency, players should first visit the Microsoft Reward website and sign into their Microsoft account or create a new account. From there, they should look for the 'Redeem' section on the homepage and head towards the League of Legends Gift Cards page. This is where gamers will choose the goal they want to achieve by selecting either the 100 RP or 650 RP gift card.

Fans will need 1500 Microsoft Rewards Points for the 100 RP gift card and 6500 Microsoft Rewards Points for the 650 RP Gift Card.

Earning these Microsoft Rewards Points is quite simple. In exchange for points, Microsoft will collect users' data and preferences. Ultimately, users will have to research online, play, and shop with Microsoft activated. They can also earn points by taking quizzes and surveys about their own preferences. This process is repeatable, therefore players have access to unlimited free RP.

Overall, it appears that this is a fantastic way to earn RP for players that do not wish to purchase the in-game currency through real-world currency.