League of Legends Jinx Sister: Who is She?

Who is Jinx's sister in League of Legends?
Who is Jinx's sister in League of Legends? / Photo by Riot Games

League of Legends' Jinx's sister has long been speculated. Riot Games had never been officially confirmed who this is, though there is an interview where her sister was seemingly confirmed to be Vi. Here's what we know about Jinx and Vi's relationship in League of Legends.

League of Legends Jinx Sister: Is it Vi?

Jinx has a voice line where she references a sister, and players have long believed that Jinx's sister is actually Vi.

There was an interview where Riot Games design director Greg Street confirmed that Vi was Jinx's sister, though Riot Games never returned to the subject.

Street's answer is straightforward, and there is no reason to believe this was made in error or a slip-up (he is the design director after all). Points against this are that Vi's biography states she grew up alone on Zaun, and that if this was true, it would have been more obvious in their story.

Correlations between Jinx and Vi were added with Jinx's inclusion to League of Legends, as Vi had been developed a year earlier.

According to Jinx's biography, Jinx has a fascination with Vi, and their relationship are meant to be a mystery. Vi does not remember much of her childhood, and it could be that Vi and Jinx had separated at some point. Jinx and Vi would not have known about each other growing up, leading both to take on very different paths in life until they crossed.

All in all, it's likely the two are sisters, but not impossible they're unrelated.